Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Month of LOVE

Welcome February!

I am so excited to welcome February on my blog! I love the change this month brings to the cold season with Valentine's projects and fun decorating ideas. I just love it! And, well, I love that my honey gets a really good reason to be romantic and give me gifts. Who doesn't love that? Anyway, with all this love going around, I decided to do a MONTH of LOVE! Each day this month I will show a lovely project with some directions to DIY. Some will be created by me, and some will be created by you! Leave a comment with your fun love craft if you would like to be considered for a feature!

Day 1 of the Month of Love:

Valentine's Advent
{fourteen days of Valentine's}

{Supplies: 7 envelopes, colored paper, adhesive, scissors, embellishments}

{take each of your 7 envelopes and cut them like so}
{these will be your pockets}
{I used 5x7ish envelopes}

{cut your paper to match the envelopes and add adhesive}

{stick the papers to the front of the envelope halves}

{cute little pocket!}

{you could print out numbers}
{but my incompetent printer doesn't like the ink cartridges that used to work fine...}

{trace your circles- or use a handy paper punch}

{cut out your 14 circles}

{punch a hole}
{you could use a hole punch, but I just used scissors}

{add your numbers- or cut around printed numbers}

{cut any paper embellishments you wish to add}
{I used hearts because, well, it's all about love right?}

{add your embellishments}

{cut ribbon to attach numbers to pockets}
{I used about 8 inches}

{add your ribbon to the numbers}

{and add your numbers to your envelope pockets}

{hang them up for all to see!}

{and fill with fun things for each day leading up to Valentine's!}

{I put love notes to the hubs since we're trying to lose a few pounds around here}
{no need to make us over load on too many treats!}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow for some more lovin!

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