Friday, February 11, 2011

Sleep Shopping...

So, what if I told you that I'm not allowed to shop
in the middle of the night anymore?

Would you wonder why I was ever allowed to do this in the first place? The truth is, I had never actually done it before. You see, I have a new baby and frequent the wee hours of the night to feed her. I also happen to be the lucky wife of a husband that won an iPad at work. Now, you may wonder how these two things go together, or you may see the obvious- I use this little 'toy' all the time. I look at yummy fabrics and keep up with my ever growing blogroll and twitter friends. Seems pretty harmless right?

Well, last weekend I caught wind of a 50% off sale on some fabric. I had looked at it before, but wasn't over-the-top, have-to-have-it-now about it. Which usually means I will wait for something better. I mean, we're on a budget here! But for some reason, that sale, in the middle of the night, with credit card handy, was the perfect storm. And I caved.

Funny thing is, come morning, I had no recollection
WHAT FABRIC I had actually purchased. Seriously, I was panicking! I remembered buying something, but I couldn't remember what. What's more, I somehow deleted the email with the details so I really couldn't remember. GENIUS!

So this morning this arrived on my doorstep:

{a pretty little package from the Fat Quarter Shop}

{with half yards of these six delicious fabrics!}

{pink bubbles}

{delectable chocolate cupcakes}

{and a pretty pink recipe print!}

{all in favor of me doing ALL my shopping by moonlight?}

Month of Love Day Eleven

Look what Kristie of Simply Crafty is showing off!

{a box of hearts!}

{such a fun way to bring some
bright colors into your ho
me during this frigid weather!}

{Find out how to make your own by visiting her blog here!}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Month of Love Day Ten

Look what Kelli and Kristi of the LollyJane Boutique are showing off:

{a Valentine's candy jar!}

{even better: it's for EVERY holiday!}

{find out how to make this here!}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Month of Love Day Nine

"i {heart} cookies"

{I'll post the recipe on Sunday,
but I thought these cookies would brighten your day. }

{ hearts }

{all the yummy colored frosting}

{the hubs and his secret messages in Korean}

{Nothing says romantic like the Eiffel Tower}

{fun activity for the whole family, bake, frost, EAT}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Watermelon Gumdrops

Sorry for the delay in getting these up. It's been a busy, busy weekend! I named this quilt Watermelon Gumdrops and I'm so glad it's FINALLY done! I started this quilt from my mom's scraps last year and just kept putting off piecing the back and finishing it. I finally hunkered down and busted it out last week. Love how it turned out.


{LOVE the turtles on the back}

A Month of LOVE Day Eight

Look what Summer of Sumo's Sweet Stuff is showing off!

{Vinyl Valentine's Jars!}

{what a fun way to add some lovin to your kitchen table!}

{Find out how she made them here!}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!

Monday, February 7, 2011

A Month of LOVE Day Seven

Specimen HeART

With Specimen Art popping up all over the place, I thought it was time to do my own specimen heART. This is a pretty simple project and really adds a fun touch of love to your home.

{Need paper, heart punch, sewing machine, adhesive
and any wanted embellishments}

{heart punch the colored paper of your choice}

{cut out three for every heart your want to do}

{stack three together}

{place on sewing machine and sew down center}

{sew all hearts this way}

{cut thread to separate hearts}

{bend top layer to give dimension}

{bend second layer, revealing all layers of the paper}

{place as you want them on your paper}

{attach with adhesive}

{place in desired frame or use as a Valentine card}

{do you feel the love?}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!