Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Month of LOVE Day Two

Homemade chocolate bowls!

I know I'm supposed to be avoiding treats, but I really like this fun idea. People are always thinking of fun ways to make a memorable treat for Valentine's Day and this is a fun and unique idea. I heard about this from Studio 5 and knew the hubs and I had to try it.

{Need chocolate, balloons, wax paper, and any toppings}

{melt chocolate as directed}
{blow up balloons to desired size of bowl}
{be sure your chocolate isn't TOO hot}
{dip bottom of balloons in chocolate}

{smooth chocolate over balloon}
{place on wax paper to set}
{I put mine in the fridge}

{when chocolate is set, pinch balloon and cut it to let air out}

{balloon will shrivel and pull away from chocolate}
{it may need help separating}

{ta da! A finished bowl!}

{add desired ice cream, candy, etc}

Happy Love Month! See you tomorrow!


  1. What a cool idea! I'm craving ice cream now! I got your email about featuring me (didn't get your address to email you back so I'm leaving you a comment instead). I'd be flattered if you featured me! Thanks a bunch!

  2. Love this idea :) now I just need to go get some balloons! I'm loving your month of love ideas!