Sunday, January 16, 2011

Okay, I didn't take enough pictures through this process, but I had to share this yummy recipe! I'm sure many of you have seen Bakerella's cake pops. Now obviously, I don't profess to have abilities in any league of Bakerella's, but I do love desserts! These Cake Bites are super easy to make and even easier to eat!

  • One completed cake, any kind- I have made Devil's Food, White, and I am hoping to try red velvet soon!
  • One tub of cream cheese frosting (I have also used peanut butter with a little powdered sugar for sweetness)
  • Dipping Chocolate
{bake your cake}

{crumble to pieces and mix it with frosting}
{form balls and chill}

{dip in chocolate and devour!}

Now, obviously if you are an over-achiever, you are welcome to make a cake from scratch and make your own frosting. I am not a dessert snob so this way works great for me! :) I did drizzle some with mint chocolate (not pictured) though and would highly recommend it for the mint lover!

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