Friday, January 21, 2011

This week's finish is BABY LEGGINGS! Yay! I have seen these all over and I have been wanting to make a few pairs for Avery. Yesterday I pulled out a pair of socks that was just sitting in a box waiting to be played with and made a test pair. I'm glad I did too, considering I didn't really use a tutorial.

{My little baby fell right to sleep in this pair. Love. it.}

{So basically, you need socks, scissors, and thread.}
{I put the socks on Aves and measured how long to make them.}

{then I sewed around the bottom edge to give it a finished look}
{tip: use a zigzag stitch to keep the sock from rolling}

{the ends will be a little skiwompus at that point}
{try them on your tot and pin them where you need to sew}
{NOTE: do not stick your child with the pins!}

{sew down from the knee}

{I only measured one side and then used the cut piece for the other}

{flip them inside out}

{and there you go!}

{baby leggings!}

{and nap time!}

Super easy. Super cute. Just super. I needed a quick project this week so I can keep working on my quilts!


  1. How cute! I have a couple great grandchildren about that size, so I'll have to make some of these.

  2. CUTE! I would have never thought of making baby stockings out of socks.

  3. You know, I always wondered if you could use knee socks to make these! My granddaughter is probably a little too old for them now, but when they first came out they were so cute on her - but so ridiculously expensive for what they are! So - thanks for showing off your tutorial!!

    And thanks for linking up! Whoop Whoop!!

  4. So cute! I made some of these for Piper when she was teensy but her legs were so chubby they just rolled down... I love the craft blog - keep it up!

  5. So cute! I'll definitely keep this in mind for the future : )

  6. I am about ready to have a baby girl in a week and was looking into making these for her! Thanks for the tutorial! Such a great and easy project!!

  7. Those are so sweet :) come on over and link up to MMM!

  8. What a great idea! I'm going to have to watch for cute socks and try it for my grandbabies. My girls love those Baby Legs.

  9. If you have not been by already, I hope you enter my linky contest! You could be the Best of January 2011 and be showered with prizes! While you are there, I have several Valentines giveaways going on right now!

  10. very cute! I just made some of these as well, but I made stirrups for added warmth.

  11. How fun! We are having a little girl, after having a little boy. I get so excited to see cute girlie stuff! Super cute and thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell!

  12. this is the first time I have seen the extra cut. it makes so much more sense now. I have made a pair before but was not happy with them. definitly trying again